Fugitive Emission Certified Valves

Qualified ACCORDING TO API 624, API 622 and ISO 15848 Part 1

With the massive growth of industries across the globe and the current manufacturing processes indulged in it; we miss out on one of the most important element amongst where our manufacturing units are erected, the environment. Here at Hawa Engineers Ltd, we take utmost precaution on how our manufacturing processes affect the environment. We also make sure that our Health & Safety regulations are on top of the game.

The latest measure we have taken towards keeping our environment safe is getting certified for Fugitive Emission Type Test.

Fugitive emissions are the emissions in an industrial site from under pressure equipment such as valves & pumps in the form of gasses or vapors which are unexpected. Installing low emission valves would be of great benefit in reducing the carbon footprint.

Fugitive Emission Tests for valves are used to test and evaluate the integrity of the external leakage of valve stem seals (or shafts) and body joints of isolating valves and control valves, intended for the application in volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids (Ventil, n.d.). The leakage consists of industrial gases like hydrogen, argon, helium etc. The test certifies that these gases do not escape into the atmosphere whilst functioning of the valve.

Hawa Engineers has carried out Valve Fugitive Emission Type Test for leak detection on its ‘MARCK’ make Valves and are Qualified for the Fugitive Emission Type Test Certification as per API 624, API 622 and ISO 15848-1.

Qualified ACCORDING TO API 624, API 622 and ISO 15848 Part 1