HAWA ENGINEERS LIMITED has its own foundries. A brief details for the various units are as under.
A) Steel foundry with capacity of 850 Tons per annum.
Piece weight: Min. 4 Kg, Max. 350 Kg.
Castings for oil filled equipment under NACE being our specialty. Manufacture of casting is done through electric induction melting, moulding and core making by CO2 binder systems and organic chemical binder systems. Heat treatment is done in ceramic fiber lined, LPG Gas fired and API 6A calibrated furnace.
Facilities include a machine shop for manufacture of pattern equipment and pattern rigging, 2 coreless induction, medium frequency furnaces, continuous high speed mixers with compaction table for moulds cores, impregration chilling plant, 48″ table shot blasting machines, tanks picking, passivation of stainless steel and adequate material moulding facilities.

Carbon Steel Stainless Steel HRCS
(Low temp, service) (High and Low temp, service) ASTM – A 297
ASTM – A 352 LCB, ASTM – A 351 CF8, CF8M, HE, HF, HH, HK, HT, HU
216 WCB, WCC CD4MCU (Urea Grade) Duplex Steel
Alloy Steel S.G. Ni-Resist
(High temp, service) ASTM ASTM – A 439
-A 217 WC1, WC5, WC6, D2
WC9, C5, C12, C12A
Steel Foundrey : Investment Casting : Cupola Furnace :
850 Tons per annum 240 Tons per annum 600 Tons per annum

Quality assurance is ensured by a written assurance program that include the following testing and inspection procedure :

Chemicals – by a spectro meter Mechanical – by UTM NOT – Radiography and Ultrasonic

The foundry is approved by IBR & Indian Navy.

B) Investment casting unit; often called lost wax casting is regarded as precision casting process to fabricate near net shaped metal parts from almost any alloy. An induction furnace having capacity of 125 K.W. is installed Melting crucibles of 150 Kgs. With stand by crucible of 100 Kgs is provided. Ductable Air Conditioning plant has been installed for better dimensional controls. 30 H.P. Air compressor is provided to take care of all pneumatic equipment’s working needs. A separate CMC machine shop is already working for inhouse machining of investment casting. All other miscellaneous equipments like cooking tower, water, softening plant, welding machine, shot blasting machine, wax pattern manufacturing machine, ceramic coating machines have started functioning.

Materials – Low alloy steels, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Cobalt Based Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Cast iron and Ductile Iron.

C) Foundry for non farours materials such as Gun Metal, 85:5:5:5, NAB – II, AB-I, AB-II, LTB-II, etc. D) Cupola furnace in 15″ & 18″ size for cast iron with capacity of 600 tons per annum.