Director Message

We hope to present both the future and the traditions of a well established, business-focused organization related to the Oil / Steam / Gas / Petrochemical industry in India. We are founded on the vision of providing our clients with a competitive edge. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the key of our success. I work closely with the executive management team in the areas of structuring and negotiating transactions and implementing new business models in order to assure our client that we are dedicated to the achievement of excellence in all our activities. We believe our customers have the right to world-class products and service. We strive to insure that the products and services we supply confirm to customer requirements. It is our intention to be able to deliver the most affordable, reliable, speedy.

Our clients, our culture and the marketstructure are our essential element. We know success depends on building strong relationships with our clients. Building this trust in the course of providing excellent, creative, timely profit making and cost-reductoin solutions to business issues. We focus on the business goals of our clients. Because effective business begins with understanding, we do all we can to understand our client’s needs, their ability and their challenges.

India today boasts a well-diversified economy, with an internationally significant industrial and commercial base. Being one of the pioneer entities in this field in, the year 2001 was an excellent year for Hawa Engineers Ltd.

There were number of factors contributed to the company’s excellent financial performance. Furthermore we can anticipate major growth opportunity in view of the oil exploration rights granted recently to Chevron & Patroness.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the members of the board and mention with much pride their valuable advice and support throughout the year.

My sincere appreciation also goes to my all staff members who assept the challenges we experienced with determination and dedication, exerting painstaking efforts for the continued success of our organization. Particular mention is due to the work teams responsible for developing and implementing the growth of the Company

Our Team

Hawa Engineers Ltd. works hard to faster an environment that challenges, motivates and rewards these professional people. Innovative performance and team work are deeply held in corporate values, therefore these values has been reflected on our employees behaviors.

Our employees are hard working, innovative thinkers with total commitment to service our clients, consistently coming up with fresh and unprecedented ideas that, once in progress, will keep our customers with an up-to-date expectation. We also encourage a spirit of friendliness & co-operation between our staff.

All our new employees receive our Foundation Course-in-house training for their first six months. And since the greatest challenge for organization was the staff training, therefore we focus on tailoring-in-house course by qualified trainer and / or by supplier’s trainer to match the specific requirements of our Staff in various area such as sales techniques and technical standards, IT training on technology-driven change, internet and telephone connections, These courses are conducted on fully interactive on-job training for the ultimate development of our staff, which is an important element of our continues success.

Our rebust appraisal system, which is consistent across all our operations, allows every employee to set personal goals and realise their potential and we are committed to training at every level, apprenticeships to business management.