Health And Safety

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

At HEL we consider Health, Safety, Environment and Quality to be of prime importance for the successful completion of any project. Our integrated HSEQ management system focuses on continuous improvement. . we believe in safe and healthy workplace and this also can increase our productivity, help us to focus our energies on meeting customer needs, provide engineering advantage and move the Organization forward.We aim to surpass the customers trust and confidence by maintain HSEQ and offering quality products and services that meets customers’ requirements and expectations.

HEL Integrated HSEQ system is in full compliance with ISO 90001, ISO 14000, BS/OHSAS 18001 and the API Q1 spec and approved by reputed certification body. Several type of Product approvals are granted by all major oil and gas companies, engineering contractors and local inspection authorities.

To support our HSEQ Policy we ensure:

  • At a minimum meet or exceed all health, safety and environmental laws and regulations in the countries where we operate, and the specific health, safety and environmental rules, requirements and procedures of IMI and each of our companies.
  • As appropriate, communicate with relevant regulatory officials, trade associations and industry groups regarding IMI’s commitment to these issues.
  • Ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities for and ways to improve performance related to health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Align Organization operations with good practices in workplace health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Identify and address risks in our industrial operations and associated hazards to provide safe working conditions and to prevent pollution.
  • Support risk management by monitoring work-related near misses, investigating root causes of any accident or near miss, minimising related hazards and finding better ways to reduce the number and severity of personal accidents and environmental incidents.
  • Ensure that the health, safety and environmental impacts of our products and processes are reduced to a minimum, and work with our customers and suppliers to achieve improved performance on shared objectives.