Check Valve

We are manufacturer of Globe Valve or Non-return valve which usually permits circulation via that in only one direction. Examine valves are two-port valves, signifies they’ve two openings in body, one regarding smooth to enter and the other regarding smooth to leave. There are numerous forms of verify valves found in a wide variety of applications. Despite the fact that They come in a wide range of measurements and charges, Examine valves perform instantly and a lot aren’t controlled An essential concept in check valves may be the damage pressure which is the bare minimum upstream stress where the actual device will run.

Basic Description

Check Valves are designed to allow full pipe line flow during processing. Once the product flow stops the ball/disc of the valve assist closure pressure to create a positive shutoff and hence, preventing back flow.

How Does It Work?

It is utilized to stop piping and to prevent backflow. Backflow happens when the substance in the pipe flows the other way when the valve is shut. There are numerous types of this sort of valves, for example, ball check valves, stop-check valve, cone check valves, and disk check valve et cetera.


The principal category is the most common one. A ball in the shell of the valve fits firmly against the side of the valve where the water comes in. Water pushing through the pipe moves the ball against the spring, permitting water through the valve. At the point when the water is stopped, the ball is pushed into place by the spring and shields water from flowing in reverse through the pipe.

Product Types 

  • Swing Type.
  1.     Top Hinged
  2.    Tilting disk
  • Lift Type
  1.   Piston Type
  2.   Ball type
  • Dual Plate Type
  • Single Plate Type
  • Stop Check Valve
  • Reflux Check Valve
  • Non Slam Disc Type

The second kind is an item with override control to stop flow paying little heed to flow direction or pressure. It can not just shut in light of backflow or inadequate forward pressure, yet in addition can be intentionally closed by an outer instrument, in this manner keeping any flow paying little mind to forward pressure.

The third one is like ball check valves, however the fitting that seals the valve is molded like a cone. It additionally can be known as a lift check valve in which the disk, usually called a lift, can be lifted up off its seat by higher pressure of bay or upstream liquid to enable flow to the outlet or downstream side. The cone is hung on a bar, enabling it to lift off the beaten path when the water is flowing and drop once again into the right spot when the water is off. If water backflows through the pipe, it pushes up against the cone, making a seal that shields it from going any further.

The fourth one is the disk valve which is otherwise called swing check valve. It operates in indistinguishable manner from ball and cone valves, however the fitting that settles over the opening is a disk. Disk and cone valves tend to wear out more since they have all the more moving parts and on the grounds that they get bumped around over the flow of water when it is turned on.